Sunday, 29 June 2014

Class 108

Kottaimuthu Lakshaya 108 

Cai Zhi Han 108

James Lim 108

Class 107

Saravan Abravan 107

Kom Weng Ern Timothy 107

Chong Ting Ha 107

Class 106

Laylo Kholmirzaeva 106

Jaryl Chan 106

Jeremy Matthew 106

Class 105

Marcus Lee 105

Gavriel Chua 105

Wayne Chia 105

Class 104

Leong Hong Mu 104

Melodee Chia 104

Ngo EE Ying 104

Class 103

Edmund Ng 103

Marcus Tay 103

      Wong Chong Wei 103

Class 102

Fyodor Lee 102

Joel Tio 102

Justin Lim 102

Class 101

Xavien Tan 101

Kaung Htet Wai Yan 101

Wagle Prateek Shantanu 101


Art, Design, Media and Technology (ADMT) @ SST

2. Infographics Poster

Students are given the performance task of designing an infographics poster based on a set of data and statistics related to various sectors in Singapore. 

Inforgraphics are simplified graphical representations of complex information, data or knowledge that aid the human processing. 

Students need to understand the target audience and the fundamentals of using symbols and numbers and to present them in an effective and aesthetic way. They need to explore the idea of how communication can be done effectively through signs and using symbols and numbers that are representational. They also need to think about how communication can be done with the use of minimal text. 

The project encourages students to use to simplify complex information, data or knowledge into digestible information for the mass.